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Established in 2013, NCAAC seeks to be an organizing and coordinating body for animal advocacy groups and vegan businesses in Northern California. Together, we will share resources, provide support and network together to create projects that better the lives of animals in Northern California. We bring together animal advocacy groups and vegan businesses to help them share best practices, recipes for success, overcome challenges and find new and improved ways to champion the causes of the voiceless.


From: BAN THE BULLHOOK IN OAKLAND CA! URGENT! Write to the City Council & Attend Meeting!


The City of Oakland, CA *may* consider a BAN on the cruel BULLHOOKS used on elephants in entertainment; Please write them immediately - DEMANDING IT! 

Also: Please attend Tuesday the 10th meeting (specially residents of Oakland, but anyone can attend and testify)

WHEN: Tuesday, December 10, 2013 5:30 PM 

WHERE: City Council Chambers, 3rd Floor -- Oakland City Hall, 1 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, Oakland, CA 94612


Sample letter and emails below


What you can do:

Please send an email in support of the BULLHOOK BAN to:

Cm. Noel Gallo,

Cm. Libby Schaaf,

Cm. Dan Kalb,

The following comes from NCAAC member, Mickacoo Pigeon and Dove Rescue.

Last Thursday, MickaCoo Advisory Committee Chair Cheryl Dickinson and I attended a "Stakeholders' Listening Group" because the birds and rabbits and rodents and reptiles needed advocates to speak up for them. A group of highly respected animal welfare advocates came together in 2012 to identify meaningful ways to "realize California's policy that no adoptable or treatable animal should be euthanized if it can be adopted into a suitable home" except that the draft white paper they produced, "Charting a Path Forward: Achieving California's policy to save all adoptable and treatable animals" addressed only cats and dogs. Only cats and dogs.  All the other companion animals were completely left out because the group wanted to focus on actionable data and shelters don't provide very good data about the "Smalls" and "Others" such as birds, rabbits, rodents and reptiles. I cite this as a very painful reminder of how far we still have to go and how steep the climb is when even our most compassionate and motivated animal advocates choose to perpetuate this discrimination rather than confront it. You can read the draft white paper here and you too can submit your feedback at    Elizabeth Young

Here is the sample comment you can make on the Calfornia Sheltering Report comment page. You can use "Please include small and exotic animals" as the subject. Please act before Nov 15, 2013.

Thank you for this opportunity to comment on this very important issue. I am disappointed that "Smalls" and "Others" like rabbits, birds, rodents and reptiles were not included in this report. The fact that most shelters have poor accounting of...

People choose a vegan diet for various reasons. What they may not realize is that no matter what their reasons, there is a whole lot of good that happens because they decided to make that choice. The following video, created by NCAAC co-founder, Kamal S. Prasad, highlights some of those added benefits.

If you are a new vegan, welcome! If you know a new vegan, please share this video with them. If you would like to show it to a group or person offline, you may download it here.


This Is Foie GrasUpdate 2: Like a bad nightmare, the King Amendment to the FARM bill is back and being reconsidered again. Please contact your senators and representatives to help defeat it once again.

Update: The Farm Bill that carried the amendment that would have allowed the sale of foie gras in California again has been defeated. Thanks to everyone who called and contacted their representatives to ask them to defeat this unjust law!

Dirty doings are afoot! Though we stopped it in its tracks last year, the U.S. House of Representatives will again consider an amendment to Congress’ Farm Bill that would block states’ efforts to reduce the suffering of animals killed for food. If passed, the amendment, proposed by Rep. Steve King, would force states to allow cruelly produced meat, eggs, and dairy products to cross their borders from other states—even if they have been banned. (For example, California could be forced to allow foie gras into the state even though the vile...

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