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Animal Activists Training 2016

Raised HandsAnimal advocates very well know the "whys" of eliminating animal agriculture, testing, entertainment and other forms of animal exploitation. But, we don't very often talk about the "hows" of making a cruelty-free world. This NCAAC training event is designed to help activists learn from veteran activists on the most effective advocacy methods as well as share their own ideas about how to best help animals.

We will have presentations and panels discussing different ways of helping animals with plenty of time for Q&A and a few role playing exercises thrown in for good measure.

Whether one is a veteran or new to animal advocacy we think this will be beneficial since we can and should always be seeking to improve our activism.

Animals are counting on us.

This event is graciously sponsored by Berkeley Organization for Animal Advocacy (BOAA).


This event was held on Aug 14, 2016.

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Speak Up For Animals: An Interactive Communication Workshop

Hope Bohanec

Join Hope Bohanec in learning how to successfully communicate our message for animals both in person and online. We will explore effective communication techniques in social media and how to execute them. We will also discuss constructive methods of communicating with friends and family as well as larger audiences. Hope will facilitate interactive role playing with a variety of scenarios to practice our skills. This beneficial workshop will help you feel ready to communicate your message in any situation. Participation is optional, just observing will be valuable as well. Hope you will join us!

Hope Bohanec has been active in animal protection and environmental activism for over 20 years and published the book The Ultimate Betrayal: Is There Happy Meat? She is a nationally recognized leader and speaker in the animal protection movement who serves as the Projects Manager for United Poultry Concerns. Hope is also the Executive Director of Compassionate Living, a Sonoma County, California based vegan outreach organization and is the primary organizer for the Sonoma County VegFest. She is currently working on her second book, The Humane Hoax.

Effective Animal Activism with The Humane League

Stephanie Frankle

Stephanie will be presenting on The Humane League's approach to effective activism for animals. The Humane League uses grassroots organizing, sophisticated advertising initiatives and corporate campaigning to create change — find out how it all works and what programs have worked best for The Humane League.

Stephanie Frankle is the San Francisco Grassroots Director for The Humane League. She oversees outreach and campaigns in the greater Bay Area, where she spends her time leafleting, presenting to high school and college students, coordinating volunteers, planning fundraising and social events, and working her way through all the delicious vegan food in the Bay! Before joining The Humane League, she traveled across the country with FARM's 10 Billion Lives Tour, showing thousands of students footage of undercover factory farm investigations and talking to them about changing their diets, and also previously worked at Farm Sanctuary's Northern California location.

How Not To Be Vegan

Robert C. Jones

Does being vegan matter to the suffering of animals? In other words, does not consuming animal products really reduce harm to animals? While most vegans would respond, "Of course!" Robert will argue that it's just not that simple. He will address and answer this challenge — that individual veganism is inconsequential. He will then discuss three conceptions of veganism and advocate for what he calls Revisionary Political Veganism.

Robert C. Jones is currently Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy at California State University. He is also a member of the Advisory Council of the National Museum of Animals and Society. He has published numerous articles and book chapters on animal ethics, animal cognition, speciesism, social justice, and veganism, and has given over forty talks at universities and forums across the globe.

Political Advocacy for Animals

Eric Mills

Eric will address the political scene for animals both at state and local levels. He will share his experience in dealing with legislators in enacting laws that help end cruelty to animals. Eric will also talk about communication methods and tactics that he has found to be helpful in getting legislators to pay attention to animal issues.

Eric Mills is the coordinator of ACTION FOR ANIMALS in Oakland, founded in 1984. AFA has been publishing a monthly calendar for Bay Area activists for more than 30 years.  In years past, he has worked at both the Humane Farming Association, and the Animal Legal Defense Fund. Eric is a long-time board member of Paw PAC (California's legislative Voting Chart), as well as a board member of the Ohlone Humane Society in Fremont. He spends much of his time and efforts working on legislative issues in the State Capitol, with a particular focus on rodeos, charreadas, live animal food markets, State Fair issues, and wild & domestic animal issues generally.

Working with Social Justice Movements

Nassim Nobari

Nassim will speak about her experiences working with various community groups and social justice organizations, and the challenges and opportunities that these collaborations can present for animal rights activists. We will also discuss the particular importance and difficulty of participating in the growing food movement.

Nassim Nobari is the co-founder and program director of Seed the Commons/Millahcayotl Association and a long-time food justice and food sovereignty activist. She has worked with radical community programs in Switzerland and the US and has volunteered for a decade with Via Campesina in a dozen countries. With Seed the Commons, she strives to continue to contribute to these movements while working within – and normalizing – a vegan ethic.

Self Care for Activists

Magritte portrait

Activists often burn out for a number of reasons cited by researchers: psychic stress, over-involvement, not enough personal care time, a paucity of balance or diversification, and lack of support from friends and family or other activists. This presentation will go over healthy habits and practices activists can incorporate to keep up their physical, mental, and emotional endurance, working for a cause over a number of years and supporting each other.

Arun Rao is an adviser to Direct Action Everywhere, an animal rights network of non-violent, peaceful activists doing open rescues, disruptions, teach-ins, and community building. He was previously a teacher, journalist, writer, and investor.



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