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About Us

Northern California Animal Advocacy Coalition

Mission Statement

Northern California Animal Advocacy Coalition’s (NCAAC) goal is to help foster and develop grassroots animal advocacy groups work more effectively and cooperatively to ensure a future free of animal cruelty such that the reason for NCAAC’s existence becomes obsolete as swiftly as possible.


Animal advocacy means different things to different people. Regardless of whether one is an animal welfarist or an animal liberationist, we can all agree that there exists animal cruelty in the world today that needs to be eliminated.

In other words, the time where the line between welfarism and liberationism begins to come into focus enough to be a point of contention lies in the still undetermined future.
When animal-lovers today divide themselves between those who want to improve the lives of animals who are currently suffering in factory farms, laboratories, circuses, etc. and those who want nothing less than the complete and immediate separation of human and animals, we do a great disservice to animals suffering at human hands today and those who will be bred to be exploited in the future.

In addition, by dividing ourselves in this manner, we provide those who would continue the exploitation of animals smaller targets that can be picked off and dismantled more easily than if we were one large, coherent group standing up against centuries entrenched belief that animals are ours to be used and abused.

No social justice movement has ever operated in a vacuum. They have needed people from all walks of life working at different levels with different skills to achieve their goals. To marginalize one animal advocacy group or individual as being too radical or too timid undermines the whole movement.
As such, NCAAC will be an all-inclusive organization providing support to animal advocacy groups at levels they feel most comfortable operating. While judicious feedback and evaluation of methods is necessary to improve and advance our movement, any criticism of another member organization’s methods must be accompanied with constructive feedback to improve their current methods.

Our Promise

NCAAC has been created to serve animal advocacy groups. If we are not doing that, we have no reason to exist. To that end, we promise that we will:

  • Keep our main focus on issues affecting Northern Californian animal advocacy organizations.
  • Listen to and implement, to the best of our abilities, feedback provided by member organizations that are in alignment with our mission statement.
  • Maintain transparency such that members are fully aware of our methodology and direction.
  • Give fair and balanced representation to all with active involvement in NCAAC towards the goal of creating a cruelty-free world.
  • Continue to evolve, as best as can, with the times to better accommodate the needs of our members.
  • Never implement a membership fee for animal advocates and advocacy organizations to be part of NCAAC.

Modus Operandi

To achieve our Mission, we will develop an online portal that will have:

  • A directory of animal advocacy organizations, both small and big.
  • A directory of vegan-owned businesses, except restaurants.
  • A directory of resources for animal advocacy groups such as list of presenters, sources of funding for projects, online tools and tutorials, etc.
  • A directory of presenters that people can use to find animal advocacy speakers for their events or events in their communities.
  • A calendar of events that will help coordinate events between organizations to promote each other’s events and prevent overlapping. There will be a way for people to offer rides to others who may be interested in going to the event or for people who don't have rides, to request them.
  • Forums for networking, sharing ideas, opportunities and building morale.
  • A directory of volunteers (potential volunteers can list their skills, availability (per week or per month), etc).
  • A Q&A section, similar to StackExchange sites that allow people to ask questions about veganism and animal advocacy and get responses from the community.
  • A blog to highlight animal advocacy stories from around the Bay Area.

We will also plan on having at least once a year training for animal advocacy groups that will include practical how-to guides on:

  • Leafletting.
  • Tabling.
  • One-on-one engagement.
  • Hosting film screenings.
  • Getting involved with local media.
  • Organizing and promoting events.
  • Intersectionality of various social justice issues.
  • Conflict resolution/mediation.
  • Using technology and web services for better organization and planning.
  • And other items requested by animal advocacy organizations.

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